About Us

About Khadijah Institute Educational Technology

Khadijah Institute is aware of the fact that the present world is going through major economic changes in the area of globalisation that the technocrats of new generation will face new challenges. Our curriculum certainly focuses on those areas so that our students will emerge as the most enlightened professionals in terms of their further career prospectus.


Khadijah Institute is to promote economic growth and development and enhance the quality of life in its region by providing quality, accessible education, training and consulting services for a globally competitive diverse workforce.

The “Khadijah Institute” provide and upgrade education, training and research in fields of technical education, it also helps them to understand the courses, we teach to enhance their technical knowledge which will help them to survive in the modern technical and industrial environment, Further, as a very distinguishing feature of its vision, The institute aim to provide the excellent contribution which is missing in the way of undergraduate Students those actually looking for excellent performance over globe.